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A bit of Mondrian, a natural inclination towards Euclidian geometry and the pure joy of being in NYC for the first time since the start of the pandemic 13 months earlier was the genesis for these multiple exposure-based images.

Each image was created by first deconstructing and then reimagining and reconstructing small portions of six boarded up windows on the corner of 5th Avenue and 54th Street that were painted with parts of the phrase "I LOVE NYC" and hearts. They represent my interpretation of some of the iconic experiences of life in and around 5th and 54th. Not surprisingly, I got strange looks from the quintessential hot dog vendor on the corner as I raced from one panel to the next and back again for hours on end. He only saw the windows; I saw New York.
Taxi!!!Mondrian Visits New YorkMetroCardView of the Park #1View of the Park #2The City That Never SleepsM1 Standing Room OnlyI ❤️ NYCFollow the Bouncing Ball @ the MetEye Chart #1Eye Chart #2Eye Chart #3Eye Chart #4Eye Chart #5No Turn on RedYieldIntersectionTicked LineA Face in the Crowd