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Everett Potter's Travel Report -- where my words and images meet.
"Whitstable: A Town for All Seasons" (01.14.23)"Burano Like a Local" (08.28.22)"A Glimpse of Nova Scotia" (03.29.22)"The Gingerbread Cottages of Oak Bluffs" (07.04.21)"On the Road Again: Martha's Vineyard" (06.27.21)"Satisfying Wanderlust in the Time of Covid-19" (09.07.20)"Kolmanskop, Namibia" (08.04.20)"Portfolio: Burano, Italy" (06.24.20)"The Dunes of Sossuvlei" (06.08.20)"Miami Beach without Lifeguards" (05.04.20)"Virtual Venice" (04.14.20)"A (Virtual) Trip to Provence" (03.29.20)"Last Cruise in the Sea of Cortez" (03.08.20)"Spain's Best Kept Secret" (02.08.20)"Echoes of the Past on Ellis island" (07.13.19)"Infinite Shades of Moroccan Blue" (01.20.19)"Portugal: The Art of the Can" (10.29.18)"Eat, Drink, Sleep Edinburgh" (04.22.18)"Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort: Capturing the Beauty & Culture of the Land of Enchantment" (09.11.17)"Pig Out in A City Near You" (02.27.17)