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polymorphous [pol-ee-mawr-fuhs], adj 1 having, assuming or passing through many or various forms, states, or the like.

Multiple exposure images are by their nature polymorphous -- they pass through many forms and stages before they are complete. The images in this gallery are all multiple images produced either in camera or after the fact or by a combination of both. Here, what one initially sees is not necessarily what one get. Layering image upon image transforms reality and turns the construct of photography, i.e., to capture reality, on it's head. For these images I believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Foggy Morning on the Grand CanalFog on the Grand CanalStormThe Three GondolasCity ReedsA Dark and Stormy NightDocklands #3Aqua AltaHomage to the Artist KingHomage to the Cubists in Paris (aka Atlas Shrugged at La Defense)Beach Huts #1Homage to the Cubists #4Homage to the Cubists #3Homage to the Cubists #2Homage to the Cubists #1